Fit Boomers

(formerly Get Fit While You Sit)

Upcoming Classes:

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October 21- November 25 @ Homewood-Flossmoor Park District (11:30am)

October 28- Dec 11 (No class 11/25 & 11/27) @ Frankfort Park District (9:30am)

This class is perfect for “Older Adults” or as a “Starting Point” for beginner exercisers. This class helps battle against osteoporosis, joint and back pain, and falling. When we build muscle,we build bone. When the muscles supporting the spine and the joints are strong and flexible, we have less pain and risk of injury. As we age, our ability to balance declines. Since the consequences of falling for older adults can be severe – even fatal – balance training is essential. Exercises are performed seated and/or standing using chairs, weights, and other equipment, which are provided for you. No previous exercise experience necessary.


“I always walked, but the weather did not always permit.  I needed to exercise on a regular basis.  I did not have an outlet for my lack of sufficient activity.  This class not only let me enjoy exercise I need, but also with people my own age. I enjoy coming to class and starting the day on a positive note.  It sets the pace for the day. I feel more limber.  After exercising, my stiffness goes away.”

– Nancy

“I have back issues and I had a hard time just going up and down stairs. I felt like I was too young to always be looking for the elevator. It was also hard for me to play sports with my grandsons. I have “new and improved strength in my back and legs, so stairs are no longer an issue.  My grandsons are also enjoying playing baseball and basketball with me. My new normal consists of being alone and feeling stronger. I also have a more positive outlook on life. I rave about this class to all my friends because not only do you socialize, but you really feel stronger.” – Elizabeth

“Positive outcome. This class help me retain a degree of flexibility that I would not have otherwise.” – Dr. S

“I did not want to remain inactive after retiring. I felt it as important to start each day being active.  This class keeps me motivated, has increased my flexibility and strength, and maintained my balance.  I also have improved my sleep. Arlene makes the class enjoyable with her smile and music choices.  Each class is different so we don't get bored – always challenged.” - Gina

“I lost my husband recently. We did everything together.  I found myself alone and doing things alone and did not want to do anything.  Sitting around doing nothing I found my balance and memory becoming an issue for me. Just getting in and out of the chair was a struggle. I can now get out of chairs better and feel more solid on my feet.” -Josephine

“Everyday tasks were somewhat difficult.  Since this class, I have felt better and have been able to move better.  I became a much happier person.  I have fun and look forward to classes all the time.” -Penny

“I struggled with staying active.  I was becoming a couch potato.  I didn’t feel like getting out and didn’t have much energy. I have become more active.  It’s easier to do the stairs and long walks.  My balance as much improved.  I can now do 10,000 steps in a day with no exertion.  My real bonus is I lost 22 lbs. and my lab work is all in the normal ranges.  It just goes to prove your activity does work and your mind and spirit are lifted. Get out of your chair and go! It's a challenge every day for me but the reward is wonderful.  Life isn't easy, you have to work at it one way or another.” Patsy

"I feel good and waking up in the morning, I am not stiff.” - Carol

“I have more confidence and feel so much better mentally.” - Kathy

“I am stronger in my leg and arms.  I can lift a 40lb bag of water softener salt.” - Joyce

“Other senior classes included work on the floor.  Too intense. I notice improvement in posture, range of  motion, greater flexibility and increased strength.” - Anonymous

“The biggest struggle was exercising regularly.  I also struggled to maintain balance and core strength.  I fell several times. this class has energized me.  also I feel I have better balance and muscle strength. It is easier for me to get up and down.  I feel more sure of myself when i walk." - Marge

"After retirement, family vacations meant a lot of walking.  I needed to keep up with people 20-25 years younger than I.  I couldn't walk without my legs hurting.  this class helps with balance so you're sturdy on your feet, legs and arms.  now i have more pep, more limber. i am also trying to eat healthier.  I was reluctant i couldn't keep up with everyone but i can now.  I even do exercise a home.  My favorite part is stretching and working muscles that are usually dormant.  this helps me so everyday things much easier. arlene is a great and so full of energy. she is fun, patient and keeps us busy for a full hour.  Arlene makes us look forward to class." Candice

Chair Yoga

Upcoming Classes:

October 7 @ Homewood Library (1pm)

October 9 - 30 @ Park Forest Library (Wednesdays @ 11:30am)

October 15 - November 19 @ Homewood-Flossmoor Park District (9am)

October 17 - November 21 @ Homewood-Flossmoor Park District (9am)

October 22 - December 3 @ New Lenox Park District (1pm)

October 24 - December 5 @ New Lenox Park District (1pm)

October 31 - December 12 @ Frankfort Park District (11am)

November 4 @ Homewood Library (1pm)

December 2 @ Homewood Library (1pm)

Chair Yoga is designed to increase flexibility, balance and range of movement. This class will move your whole body through a series of seated and standing yoga poses using a chair for support. Poses are modified so those with health restrictions, decrease range of motion and physical challenges can enjoy the benefits.

"After retirement, I wished to stay strong and flexible.  I was concerned about bone health and had no exercise program. I had low energy and always tired.  I went  from active to lazy.  I really enjoy the class  and people there.  I am more active now and look forward to yoga.  Arlene always make you work.  You feel you are stronger for it.  The music is a plus.  Take it!  You won't be disappointed.-  Rose

“I am able to sit in the chair for most of the exercises and still feel energized!”  -Vera

“I thought this was going to be a 'fluffy' class, but it was not.  Arlene puts a lot of thought into the different poses we do.”  -Polly 

“I have gotten some relief from arthritis pain.” -Patricia

“I have neuropathy and spinal stenosis.  This class helped overall in feeling less achy. I have more energy. I'm stronger in my arms and legs to be able to do more instead of sitting around.” -Anonymous

“I feel every muscle being worked.” -Mary

“I had a cervical fusion and I wanted exercise that would be appropriate after that type of surgery.  If I hadn't taken this class, I would be more tired, inflexible and have more pain with my arthritis. This class is much more gentle on my lower back.  I have had trouble with hurting my lower back with traditional yoga” -Cindy

“I like that we have the chair to hold on to if we need it when doing balance exercises.  I took regular yoga class and did not like lying on a mat – too hard on my back.” -Diane

“I think participating in chair yoga has increased my overall sense of well being.  I feel good that I'm being proactive about my health.  My life has been enriched by meeting and getting to know some of the other participants.  Feels like I'm part of the team working to get the last set of leg raises done together.  Physically, my overall strength of motion/flexibility have notably increased since joining the class. I was actually surprised to see results so soon.  I experience little to no discomfort when taking the stairs.  I find the breathing techniques are especially helpful and calming in class whenever I'm particularly stressed.” - Carol

“I have noticed over the past few weeks that my endurance and strength have increased.  For example, I can now lift heavier packages and can run more errands without feeling fatigued.” -Deborah

“Everything revolves around the chair. I don't like getting on the floor.  It's amazing that one can get a total body workout without getting on the floor.  I love it!  So glad I signed up and I plan to continue. My flexibility and range of motion increase in just a few weeks.” -Evonne

"it's beneficial for increased mobility, balance, endurance and even strength. it can be very beneficial to relax muscles which are a source of pain." -gordon

"This class has helped me strengthen muscles for improved posture and balance. i am stronger. i walk more confidently and have less fear going up and down the stairs. i enjoy all of it. i think the breathing, stretching, strengthening, balance and coordination exercises are important components." - Carol