Work with Me

Stop the Madness. 

I know you have a busy life. 

I have been in your shoes. 

I have three kids and I know how crazy life can get when we need to take care of the family, career and do self care  --  and we don't have time.

Time is always an issue.

My clients tell me, "I have no time for myself. I take care of everyone but who takes care of me?"  

You don't need to put yourself last but you need the right plan for healthy eating, exercise and a mind reset.

Stress and poor health seem to go together with busy living — but they’re an unhealthy combination. We look for quick solutions such as TV products promising the world, or pills and potions claiming to help us lose weight or have magical energy. Most of us are living on caffeine, sugar, and other pick-me-ups to get us through the day. Often we are exhausted at the end of the day.  We hope to get enough rest so we can do it all again tomorrow. 

Finding the path to health does not have to be difficult.

Nobody wants to be a tired and overwhelmed woman. When there is a plan of action, things seem easier, right?

When my clients first come to me, they usually feel lost in the gym until we work together. Then they have a system for success and a PLAN.

As a woman, a mom and the caretaker of everyone, you deserve a plan. This is where I come in.

I am a fitness trainer and health coach, who understands how crazy and insane life can be when you have no time or energy. This is why I created a system for success for women just like you.

If you are ready to:

●      Pursue health and wellness the natural way

●      Wake every morning feeling refreshed and renewed

●      Take back control of your health and well-being

●      Eat delicious, nourishing, healthy foods and follow my methods for overall health

●      Make a change for the better, in every aspect of your life

●      Make real, positive, long-term changes, instead of chasing quick fixes

●      Fill your body, mind, and soul with energy and joy lasting all day

●      Kiss poor health goodbye forever…


Here are the ways to work with me:


Kick in the Ass

You need to started a healthier lifestyle and a kick in the ass is what you need to get started. 

  • Health & Fitness Evaluation

  • 2 coaching sessions

  • Customized monthly workout program

  • Habit Based Coaching


  • 28 Day Transformation Program (healthy recipes and suggested meals)

  • Messenger support


Badass Transformation

You’ll get monthly workout programs designed for you, habit-based nutrition coaching, and more one-on-one trainer contact and support to keep you motivated and accountable.

  • Health & Fitness Evaluation

  • 3 coaching sessions

  • Customized monthly workout program

  • Habit based coaching


  • 6 week Transformation Program  (healthy recipes and suggested meals)

  • Messenger support 


Badass Weight Loss Journey

This package has the most support to help you propel your health and fitness. Weekly coaching calls will help you to create new lifestyle habits while keeping you accountable. If you are serious about improving your health and fitness and you want lots of one-on-one coach support, this is for you.

  • Health & Fitness Evaluation

  • weekly coaching sessions

  • Customized monthly workout program

  • Habit based coaching


  • my signature Weight Loss Journey program (healthy recipes and suggested meals)

  • Smoothie recipes




In-person 1:1 Training

If you are local to me in the southwest suburbs of Illinois, and wish to take it up a notch with your fitness, let's chat asap.

I will teach you how to workout in your home easily. This means you will know how to workout even when you travel!


My Happy Clients

“I was privileged to have the opportunity to have Arlene as a personal trainer for about a year while I lived in the Chicagoland area. I’ve worked with several different trainers in cities in which I’ve lived and my experience with Arlene was, by far, the best. Arlene was skilled in working with me on goals that I had (rather than goals the personal trainer had, which I’ve experienced in the past) and focusing on activities in which she knew I would be engaged. She also approaches her clients with a perfect mix of encouragement and discipline, which was critical to my continued active participation in the training process. I felt I had one of the best personal training experiences thus far while working with Arlene!” – Jennifer


When I would workout,  I wouldn’t loose much weight, or feel like I was gaining much muscle.  I was tired on a daily basis, and wasn’t motivated to get to the gym because I would do the same thing each time.  Arlene shows me how to workout best for MY body. She pushes me farther than my comfort level. Each work out was different and works different muscle groups. I now have more energy and I feel more confident. I haven’t been this fit in a long time.  I love working with Arlene. I look forward to the “hurt so good” feeling. She pushes me and made working out fun. She kept me accountable.  She shows me that you don’t need much equipment to get in a good work out. Just body weight. She saw where my weakness’ were and focuses on those. And when we use equipment, she shows me how to use it properly and different ways to do so."-Kim


“After graduating college with not only my diploma, but still carrying that "freshman fifteen," I hated cardio and couldn't imagine wanting to workout instead of watching Netflix. Arlene has helped me continuously set goals and reach them. Whether it's PiYo or interval workouts, I am never bored and now look forward to my daily workouts. After two years of training with Arlene, I'm running 10k races, partaking in Tough Mudders, and actually enjoy training.” - Megan


"Before I started my training, I was a freshman in high school and had stop playing sports at that level, so I was never really active. I did enjoy playing sports for fun or just going to the gym occasionally, but not habitually. My struggle was eating because I would eat whatever was in sight and at any given moment in the day. I ate so unhealthy and also did not exercise to burn any of it off. My biggest frustrations had to be how I looked, what I thought others thought of me, and how I wasn’t able to wear certain clothes just because I looked “too fat.” I also dealt with confidence issues."


"All of these things just made me very upset and unhealthy. At the doctor’s, some of my measurements and percentages would be off the charts and it worried me. I feared that I would be like this, and maybe even get worse, for the rest of my life. I started to shut down a little and not go out as much. I would always tell myself “it’s okay you’re not the only one” or “just put off the new start til the next month.” Well, I decided enough was enough and that a change had to start NOW, so that’s when my mom got me to see Arlene."

"Right from the start, I really liked Arlene. She helped me set goals and pushed me to accomplish them. Her workouts are perfect, never too easy nor nothing she knew I couldn’t handle. She is the type of trainer to push you to work hard during workouts, but just the right amount of motivation. I feel her workouts are beneficial and you do a lot for the short period of time with her (my sessions were 1 hour once a week). Arlene also provided me with food tips and many recipe links and examples of what to eat. With that, I was able to transform my eating habits and what I ate. Immediately once training with Arlene started, I noticed a change. The weight was dropping, along with the body fat. I had so much more energy and was so much happier. I was also starting to gain muscle which was a plus. I didn’t eat “just because the food was in front of me.” I learned to love eating healthy and eating when I needed to."

"My life has been completely changed for the better. I am on a path that only goes up from here. Clothes fit better, I am stronger, much more healthier and happier. My self-confidence is so much better, I feel great about myself. It’s great to wear certain clothes that I didn’t or couldn’t wear before. I love working out, it’s a lifestyle for me. My friends say I’m the healthiest eater they know. I get so many compliments and people noticing my change. They say that my body for sure has changed, but along with my personality and how much happier I look. Although I still have ways to go, I am so much farther into it then I could ever have imagine. I started training in May, and if you told me back then that I would look and feel like I do now I would slap you silly. Arlene gave me the push to turn around my life and for that I can be forever grateful."

"What I liked about working with Arlene is that she was easy to talk to. She did not judge me for my past but gave me helpful advice on how to start a change. She understood that I’m a busy teenager with a life, so we were able to schedule sessions accordingly around school and activities. She is so inspiring to me and is someone I look up to and thank her for her unending support of my transformation." - Emma



Arlene is highly motivational and a great partner in your fitness goals.  Her enthusiasm and energy are contagious. I learned a number of ways to optimize my workouts and she was extremely educational in nutrition which assisted me in my daily life.  I highly recommend Arlene.”- Mike


28 Day Challenge

"I didn't know what type of diet plan to follow and would get frustrated trying to figure out menus. This program took all the guesswork out of for me. I would not plan meals very well at all and end up eating takeout or what my kids wanted as well as convenience foods. This program taught me how to plan meals, as well as cook some new dishes that my entire family enjoys now.Some of my joint pain has gone away and I have more energy. I lost 8 pounds and 5.5 inches, reduced sugar cravings, have less joint pain and have more energy!"

"Arlene is extremely motivating and has a positive attitude about everything. She is so helpful with setting goals and helping her clients achieve them." - Jennifer


"Hi my name is Annie and I live in Chicago, IL. I took the 28 day challenge with Arlene and it was a total transformation!! I struggled with what to eat and managing my time to cook at home. I am a mother of two and usually we would run around and grab something to eat on the way. Happens to all of us, right? We just get caught up with life and sometimes we are afraid to step out of our comfort zone. With the challenge it seemed easy to stay focused and to follow the meal plan. Before I started the challenge, I felt tired and overwhelmed since most of my food was processed- lots of McDs, Coffee, Wendy’s, and anything that was easy and on the go! This program starts off with a detox. I think those were the hardest two days. Taking the first step out of my comfort zone is hard. After I started following the recipes Arlene provided, which btw are delicious!! I felt like I was back in school learning about all these tricks and ways to eat healthier. She gives little daily tips which I looked forward to everyday AND I even learned how to cook along the way!" - Annie


"Before taking the program my biggest frustration was not seeing results when I was dieting. I thought I was eating the right things or eating in moderation but the weight was not coming off and then I would just give up.  My struggle with dieting would just leave me feeling hopeless and depressed. It was hard to get motivated and stick with it when the results were not there. Taking part of the 28-day challenge gave me a new outlook on dieting. It taught me how to look at food differently and make better choices.  Arlene's motivation and positive outlook really helped keep me on track as well. It was really helpful to have a person encouraging you along the way.  I feel like now I make better food choices. Before I was eating all the wrong foods and felt bloated all the time but with this challenge I learned what those foods are to avoid and why. "  - Stacy


7 Day Sugar Cleanse

"Before taking this cleanse, I could not stay away from chocolate or ice cream. Every night I'd say I would eat better tomorrow but it never happened. I always ate UNWELL and never really hungry for good food. I beat myself up about it daily. During this program, the daily Facebook posts helped. I felt like I was being challenged and needed to prove I could do it.  Only after a week I do not want candy. I just did all the eggs for Easter with bags of chocolate and didn't have a one! I now look forward to planning something good for dinner and lunch. The breakfast smoothies are great. Love the avocado. You have given us all we need to start and then it's really up to us. I am so glad I did this. I lost 3 pounds!” - Rosemary


“Before the sugar cleanse a big struggle for me was I always had almost unquenchable cravings around 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. and of course I would go for mostly sugary junk. (That's probably what made the cravings unquenchable.) I also quite frequently felt and looked bloated. The cleanse helped by reminding me to go for something good to eat if I was hungry or had cravings. I really did not have cravings while on the cleanse. I felt more satisfied more often and don't feel bloated now. It, the cleanse, or rather, you Arlene, gave good advice and motivation to exercise as well. I am more mindful to avoid sugar and try to have more/mostly unprocessed food; because when I do I feel better. Arlene you are a happy,  welcome presence that does a good job of motivating others.  Keep it up!” - Amy